Allied Bolt’s ABstrap™ Lashing Strap System is used to attach aerial communications cables to the supporting strand. ABstraps™ can be used at splice cases, expansion loops, lashing wire clamps, fiber optic storage loops, aerial to underground transitions, and in many other cable supporting applications. Spacers provide a standoff between the strand and cable. Applications for the ABstrap™ System are unlimited.


ABstraps™ are a smart alternative to metal straps and spacers. ABstraps™ have no sharp edges and are safer, easier, and faster to install. ABstraps™ are indefinitely adjustable and are precisely tightened and trimmed with the use of the 1073 tensioning tool. The ABstrap™ System has a variety of support fasteners available for attaching cables in a variety of applications.


  • Strap Material is extruded from Acetal, a black Polyoxymethylene (POM) resin. POM is a highly versatile engineered polymer that offers superior mechanical properties including strength and rigidity over a broad temperature range, toughness, resistance to repeated impact and good electrical insulation. The resin has superior dimensional stability, long-term creep resistance, long-term fatigue resistance and excellent resistance to UV, moisture, chemicals, solvents and fuels.
  • The Strap is 1/2” wide and .055” thick. ABstraps™ have a minimum tensile strength of 250 lbs. They are resistant to temperature changes and can withstand a range from -30 °F to 150°F. They are designed to last over 20 years in service without failure. ABstraps™ are available in four standard lengths:

    1. 131 /2” long with an attached locking head.

    2. 16″ long with an attached locking head.

    3. 27″ long with an attached locking head.

    4. 50′ reel (without locking heads).

  • Locking Heads are molded from black Acetal resin. The locking device is formed from a 302 extra hard grade of
    Stainless Steel.


Click to Download PDF of the Specification Sheet.