Integrated Clamp for Fiber and 1-2 Pair Flat Drop Cable (Metal Mouth™)

• The only integrated one-piece drop clamp solution to accommodate both dielectric non-armored fiber drop cable and 1-2 copper twisted pair drop cable.
• Aggressive Stainless Steel “teeth” are stamped into stainless insert to provide a positive hold on cable jackets. Stainless Steel inserts ensure stronger hold than simply having projections molded into the Nylon Wedged. Teeth on insert are more aggressive than those used on shims in common three piece drop wire clamp designs.
• Inserts are molded directly into the wedges to prevent disassembly.
• Glass-filled Nylon provides superior strength compared to other plastics. Glass-filled Nylon is chemically treated to provide superior UV Resistance.
• Clamp is installed without any disassembly. Components cannot get lost or discharged during installation.
• Variations due to craftsmanship is less likely.
• Tail wire provided is similar to many three piece designs and can be used with common Drop Attachments. Tail wire is constructed from #430 dead soft Stainless Steel to provide pliability.
• No Need to stock different drop wire clamps for fiber and twisted pair.
• Part of  Allied Bolt’s Integrated Fiber Drop System.
• Patent Pending.

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