Allied Bolt Introduces Integrated Clamp for Fiber and 1-2 Pair Flat Drop Cable (Metal Mouth™)

Allied Bolt, Inc. a manufacturer of installation and poleline hardware used primarily by telecommunication and electrical utility providers announced today the development of  an Integrated One Piece Drop Wire Clamp that accommodates flat fiber optic drop cable as well as copper twisted pair drop cable. The new clamp has been assigned part number 992.

The Integrated Clamp simplifies the installation of drop wire clamps.   Drop wire clamps typically function to secure a cable, intermediate at its ends, to a span clamp, pole attachment, or house attachment. Prior designs incorporated three or more components whereby installation became craft sensitive and components, especially shims in three piece designs, could get lost or dropped prior to installation.

The new design functions as a one-piece integrated design that features a Stainless Steel Insert with aggressive protrusions molded directly into the mating wedges of the drop wire clamp. The clamp also incorporates a standard tail wire that accommodates standard span clamps, pole attachments, and house attachments.

Allied Bolt’s president, Glen Malin, said, “We are very excited about our new one-piece fiber drop clamp. The clamp simplifies installation as well as reduces the chance of future service calls caused by down fiber drop cables.

Allied Bolt has posted products details on part number 992, on its website,             

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