Allied Bolt, a New York based manufacturer of Outside Plant Hardware, proudly announces a new design for a drop clamp to service the telecommunications industry. The newly designed Universal Drop Clamp has been assigned part number AB#906.  Nine years ago, Allied Bolt developed AB#910 to overcome existing fiber optic drop clamp failures. Since then, it became apparent that a need existed for an optimized drop clamp to support 1-2 pair copper drop wire as well as different sizes  of fiber optic drop cables.   AB#906 has been tested to support both the SST-DropTM and ROCTM fiber cables produced by Corning Communications along with similar fiber cables produced by other cable manufacturers.  AB#906 also supports the installation of both 1 and 2 pair copper drop wires.

AB#906 clamp withstands 400 lbf with minimal attenuation on SST and ROC fiber cables. The clamp can also support 550 lbf on 1 pair and 2 pair copper drop cables without any notable slippage.

Please contact your Allied Bolt representative for more information.

Click here to download PDF of Universal Three Piece Fiber Drop Clamp.